Syria accuses Israel of air strikes on Daraa province

On Wednesday night, June 12, Israel carried out several air strikes against targets in the Tel al-Hara area, located in the Syrian Province of Daraa, reported the Syrian state news agency SANA and several other Arabic-language publications.

According to SANA, air defense systems of Assad’s Army were activated during the attack. No injuries have been reported.

According to some Arabic-language news sources, the Israeli Air Force used F-16 aircraft during the operation.

It is also reported that before the air strikes, Israel allegedly neutralized the Syrian air defense systems with electronic warfare means.

Tel al-Hara is one of three settlements in Syria that make up the so-called "triangle of death". One of the highest points in Syria, Tel al-Hara is considered one of the key positions in the fight for control over the border with Israel.

The Radio-Electronic Intelligence base of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate was established there. It is operated by the Russian and Assad’s military.  

In 2015, the area was captured by Jabhat al-Nusra militants. Bashar al-Assad's army regained control of the hill in 2018.

Israel has not yet confirmed the attack on the Tel al-Hara area.

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