Swiss authorities thwart alleged Russian assassination plot ahead of Ukraine Peace Summit

Swiss special services, prosecutors, and police were intent on detaining a Russian diplomat for allegedly purchasing weapons and preparing an assassination before a Peace Summit.

Described by local media as the most serious case for Swiss special services in a long time, the incident involved a representative from Russia attempting to buy weapons in preparation for an assassination ahead of the summit.

According to reports, the diplomat sought not only weapons but also dangerous substances across several locations in Switzerland. It is claimed that the special services had been monitoring the suspect for some time, and he reportedly had two accomplices. Surveillance was ongoing, with the Swiss Federal Prosecutor's Office seeking to lift the diplomat's immunity for his arrest, but the suspect managed to flee the country. Searches were conducted at multiple addresses.

On June 18, The Wall Street Journal reported that numerous Russian spies entered Slovenia under the guise of students, with eight already deported.

Additionally, on June 11, a spy linked to the Russian "Pravfond" was arrested in Denmark .

  Switzerland, Russia