Swedish Security Service: Russia is the main threat to national security

The Swedish Security Service report states that Russia is the main threat to the national security of Sweden. The document also notes the increased activity of extremist groups.

“Russia has developed the doctrine of the grey zone, which means that it wants to influence Sweden and other states without initiating armed conflict. As a part of the doctrine, they constantly collect confidential data that can be used to destabilize the country," said, the head of counterintelligence, Daniel Stenling, as quoted by Polskie radio.

According to the Security Service, Russia is trying to achieve its goals through information and propaganda campaigns, cyber-attacks, as well as absorption of strategic companies and technologies.

In late February, the Swedish security services detained an employee of the high-tech industry suspected of spying for Russia. This man was recruited by a Russian foreign intelligence officer who works as a diplomat in Sweden. The Swedish Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador, demanding the release of a diplomat associated with the case. However, he continues to work in the Russian embassy while the suspect is in custody.

According to the Swedish counterintelligence, one-third of the staff at the Russian embassy in Stockholm are secret service officers.

The Swedish Armed Forces in February also declared a violation of the country's airspace by Russian military aircraft.

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