Sweden set to announce largest military aid package to Ukraine

On Tuesday, the Swedish government is set to announce its largest military aid package to Ukraine since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion, reports the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter. The package, valued at 7.1 billion Swedish crowns (approximately 700 million dollars), will include military equipment, but the details remain undisclosed.

The upcoming 15th assistance package will be presented at a press conference on Tuesday, with both the defense minister and the prime minister in attendance. It will consist of military equipment drawn from the country’s armed forces stockpiles.

In addition, funds have been allocated for the purchase of new defense equipment from manufacturers, which will also be sent to Ukraine.

Since Russia's invasion on February 24, 2022, Sweden has provided Ukraine with weapons and equipment worth a total of 22.2 billion Swedish crowns (over 2.1 billion dollars) across 14 support packages. The largest package to date, worth 6.3 billion Swedish crowns, included Leopard tanks and Archer artillery systems.

Sweden has already supplied Ukraine with some of the most advanced heavy weaponry systems, including 50 Stridsfordon 90 tanks, an equivalent of 10 Leopard tanks, eight Archer artillery units, Hawk surface-to-air missiles, NLAW anti-tank missiles, Hellfire anti-ship missiles, and anti-tank guns, along with accompanying parts and ammunition.

Towards the end of 2023, Sweden allocated 1.4 billion crowns (more than 125 million dollars) in financial assistance to Ukraine, including funds aimed at supporting Ukrainians during winter.

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