Slovakia sending latest self-propelled howitzers Zuzana 2 to Ukraine

Slovakia will send to Ukrainian military Zuzana 2 self-propelled guns, said Slovakia’s Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad.

According to him, the servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are already training to operate these self-propelled artillery systems. In total, eight artillery systems will be sent to Ukraine.

Zuzana 2 is an upgrade of the previous modification of Zuzana with caliber 155 mm. In 2018, the Slovak army purchased 25 of these artillery systems.

The artillery system, thanks to a barrel length of 52 calibers instead of 45, is capable of firing at a maximum distance of up to 40 km. The turret can turn 360 degrees and the crew has been reduced from 4 to 3. The howitzer has an automatic loader, which allows it to conduct fire in Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact mode.

Earlier, it was reported that Poland was going to send to to Ukraine self-propelled artillery systems AHS Krab. The Ukrainian Armed Forces will receive three batteries of these systems.

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