Slovakia expels three Russian diplomats

Three Russian diplomats must leave the Slovak Republic, said the head of the press department of the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs Juraj Tomaga, Radio Liberty reports.

"We cannot name the employees of the Russian diplomatic mission, but we confirm that a decision has been made to expel three employees of the Russian Representative Office in Slovakia," Tomaga said.

According to him, the abuse of visas issued by the Slovak consulate in St. Petersburg, which resulted in a "serious criminal offence", was found.

According to the Slovak security services, the activities of three Russian diplomats contradicted the Vienna agreements on diplomatic relations.

According to Slovak media, Russian diplomats should leave Slovakia by the end of this week.

At the same time, the Slovak diplomatic department noted that it is "interested in the development of bilateral relations with Russia" in the future, but that this cooperation "should be in accordance with the Vienna agreements on diplomatic relations."

The Russian Embassy in Bratislava has not yet commented on the decision of the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs to expel three Russian diplomats.

At the same time, as TASS news agency reports, Russia's response "will traditionally be mirrored."

  Slovakia, Russia