Slovak president: Russian Night Wolves biker gang was involved in annexation of Crimea

President of the Slovak Republic Andrej Kiska said in an address on July 31 that the Russian motorcyclist club, the “Night Wolves”, took part in the military operation in Crimea, alongside the special divisions of the Russian army.

“The Night Wolves are an instrument of the regime, engaging in the seizure of the neighboring country’s territory – the annexation of part of Ukraine, which contravenes international law,” the Slovak president observed. He drew attention to the fact that Slovakia does not recognize the annexation of Crimea.

The president believes that “the activity of the biker gang is an obvious national security risk”.

“The founding of a so-called European branch of the Night Wolves in Slovakia is simultaneously a mockery of the official position of the Slovak republic on the annexation of Crimea and Russian politics,” Kiska said.

Andrej Kiska urged his country’s government to create the necessary conditions for “effective intervention against the activity of the suspicious associations” which are spreading throughout the country.

“I think that to wait until an association which serves a foreign country begins to break the law in Slovakian territory would be a pathetic strategy,” the Slovakian president said during his speech.

At the end of June, the Slovakian media reported that the pro-Kremlin bikers, the “Night Wolves”, had created a military-style boot camp in Dolná Krupá close to Trnava, in Western Slovakia. Local social activists expressed concern regarding this development.

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