Group of NATO warships enters the Black Sea

Warships from the NATO Standing Maritime Group 2 entered the Black Sea, as reported by Turkish information portals that track the passage of ships across the Bosporus Strait and the Sea of Marmara.

The British missile destroyer HMS Duncan (D37) is the flagship of the NATO vessels. The group also includes the Spanish Navy frigate ESPS Victoria (F82), the Turkish Navy frigate TCG Gemlik (F492), the German Navy FGS Bayern (f217) and several smaller ships.

It was recently reported that in autumn, NATO plans to hold “Trident Juncture,” the largest exercise since the Cold War. They will be attended by about 45 thousand troops from NATO member countries, as well as ships and aircraft. The NATO military will oppose the "attack" off the coast of Norway.

Earlier, Ukrainian Navy aircraft and US warships also conducted training in the Black Sea.

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