NATO warships approach Syrian coast

NATO warships from the second Standing NATO Maritime Group are currently patrolling the area of the Eastern Mediterranean, reported Interfax with reference to the data of Western marine resources.

It is noted that in the immediate vicinity of Syria, there are Dutch frigate HNLMS De Ruyter, Canadian HMSC Ville de Quebec and Greek frigate Elli.

In the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, there are three missile destroyers of the US Navy: Carney, Ross and Winston Churchill, which are all equipped with Tomahawk missiles as well as the USS Mount Whitey command flagship.

There are also at least three US nuclear powered Los Angeles class submarines in the Mediterranean sea.

According to Western observers, the US Navy has at least 204 Tomahawk cruise missiles in the Mediterranean see which are to strike Syrian targets.

Earlier, the Russian Federation claimed that the United States is pulling forces to Syria to launch a missile strike. The Pentagon refuted this information, calling it propaganda.

  Syria, USA, Canada, Mediterranean Sea