Several Russian warships destroyed in Ukrainian missile strike on occupied Sevastopol

In the occupied city of Sevastopol, the southern shipyard of the "Sergo Ordzhonikidze Sevastopol Maritime Plant" caught fire following a missile attack, reported the Russia installed governor of the region, Mikhail Razvozhaev. He added that 24 people were injured in the attack, with four in moderate condition.

"I am at the scene of the fire at the southern shipyard of Sevmorzavod. All emergency services are working on site, and there is no danger to civilian objects in the city," wrote the governor from the scene of the fire. He assured that all necessary assistance is being provided to the victims.

In its morning report, the Russian Ministry of Defence stated that the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched an attack with 10 cruise missiles on Sevmorzavod and three unmanned naval drones on the squadron of ships of the Black Sea Fleet "at sea passage."

"Seven cruise missiles were shot down by air defence systems, and all unmanned naval drones were destroyed by the patrol ship Vasily Bykov. As a result of enemy missile hits, two ships under repair were damaged," reported the Russian Defense Ministry.

Several videos published by social media users from Sevastopol show at least three powerful explosions at the shipyard.

The Telegram channel Crimean Wind reminded that last Friday, a small missile ship of the 21631 "Buyan-M" project, equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles, was moored at the pier of Sevmorzavod in the Southern Bay of Sevastopol.

Crimean Wind have has identified from a photograph taken by Razzvozhaev, which he took at the pier, that a Large Landing Ship of project 775 is on fire.
"At the beginning of the war, there were 12 such large landing ships in the naval group - 6 from the Black Sea Fleet, and another 6 arrived from other Russian fleets allegedly to take part in exercises. Of them, Olenegorsky Gorniak was hit near Novorossiysk, and the large landing ship Azov was constantly in repair at the 13th SRZ of the Black Sea Fleet", stated stated the Telegram channel.

The territory of the ship repair factory in Sevastopol is shown on the world map of fires (FIRMS). The fire was detected by satellites at 4 am local time.
The news agency RBC Ukraine, citing its own sources in the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, reports that as a result of a night attack, a large Russian landing ship and a submarine were hit. It is not specified which vessels are damaged.

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