Serbia to buy S-300 missile systems from Russia

Russia has received an official request from Serbia to deliver S-300PMU-2 systems in 2021, TASS reports, citing an unnamed Russian military official.
“From Serbia we have received an official request to supply a regimental set of S-300PMU-2s as part of a regiment command center and two divisions. The request is now being considered by the competent organizations of Russia’s defense industry,” the source said.

The source believes that in light of the friendly relations between the countries, “there is no doubt that the request will be granted”.
Russia’s Federal Service of Military-Technical Cooperation and the Almaz-Antey military corporation were not willing to comment on the matter. Vyacheslav Davidenko, official spokesman for Rosoboronexport (Russia’s state-owned arms exporter), told TASS that the arms exporting company had not yet received such a request.

In April last year, then Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić said that his country would like to have two divisions and one command center of the S-300 ‘Favorite’ anti-air missile system. Previously he had said that Russian S-300s were “too expensive” for Serbia, but Russia expressed the desire to help through certain agreements.
According to open sources, the S-300PMU-2 ‘Favorite’ is an anti-air missile system that can take out targets at a distance of 300 km and an altitude of 27 km. These missile systems have already been exported to Azerbaijan, Algeria, Iran and China. According to the media, the price of the two S-300PMU-2 Favorite divisions purchased by Azerbaijan was roughly $300 million.

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