Russian Su-27 fighter jet crashes in Black Sea

On March 25, a Russian Su-27 fighter jet crashed in the Black Sea off the Crimean coast, reported the TV channel "Crimea 24" with reference to the Russian Defense Ministry.

According to the Russian news agency TASS, the Su-27 disappeared from radar screens 50 km from the city of Feodosia.

"The Su-27 fighter jet disappeared from the control screens during the scheduled flights on March 25, at about 20:10, over the Black Sea,50 km from Feodosia. At 20:11 the signal of an emergency beacon in the area was received," TASS reported.

According to another Russian news agency Interfax, a search and rescue crew was sent to find the pilot.

"The search for the pilot in the area of the operation is hampered by difficult weather conditions," the statement said.

The Russian Defense Ministry has not officially commented on the incident.

Earlier, it was reported that Russian military exercises were held at Belbek airfield where Russian military practice to repel the missile strike of the hypothetical enemy and redeploy to operational airfields. Crews of Su-24M, Su25SM and Su-30M2 aircraft performed training flights over the Black Sea, showed the aerobatics used during the interception and attack on the air target.

  Black Sea, Crimea, Russia