Russian reconnaissance ship monitors NATO exercises off German coast

Russian reconnaissance ship Vasily Tatischev has been spotted observing NATO's annual BALTOPS exercises. The Russian vessel is currently situated in neutral waters of the Baltic Sea, between Kiel and the island of Fehmarn, the German tabloid Bild reported.

Originating from Kaliningrad, the Vasily Tatischev navigated along Germany's northern coast and is now in neutral Baltic Sea waters between Kiel and Fehmarn.

The Russian ship was escorted by a Danish Navy patrol boat and a German police vessel. They did not interfere with its operations, as the vessel did not enter the territorial waters of these countries.

German newspaper Kieler Nachrichten reported that the Vasily Tatischev was monitoring the annual NATO BALTOPS exercises. However, the exact reason for its position between Kiel and Fehmarn remains unknown.

Media outlets have highlighted that Russia has technologies purportedly capable of intercepting phone signals and disrupting communication and GPS navigation. Notably, northern Germany has experienced navigation issues previously due to such disruptions.

The German Ministry of Defence told German broadcaster NDR, "The continuing disruptions are likely of Russian origin and are based on electromagnetic spectrum interference, which is also generated in the Kaliningrad region."

Built in the 1980s, the Vasily Tatischev is one of two such reconnaissance ships in the Russian Baltic Fleet. Meanwhile, Sweden has bolstered the defence of its strategic Baltic island.

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