Russian parliament introduces bill which would prohibit dissemination of information conducive to anti-Russian sanctions

The Russian State Duma introduced a draft bill that would ban media and Internet sources from disseminating information that could lead to sanctions being introduced against Russia, reported RIA Novosti.

It was clarified that the draft bill was introduced to meet the “increasingly relevant need to counter sanctions.”

“It seems appropriate to impose a direct legislative ban on information that could lead to sanctions, on information related to sanction violations and on information related to conditions for lifting sanctions, spread through both media as well as information and telecommunication networks,” read an accompanying explanatory note.

The bill proposed to ban the dissemination of information which discloses the failure of an organization or individual, under sanctions or previously under sanctions implemented by a foreign state, to comply with sanctions. The ban does not apply to persons who, within the framework of fulfilling their official duties or fulfilling the obligations of a civil law contract or other legal agreement, carried out actions aimed at removing and mitigating the effects of sanctions levied against the organizations and individuals set forth in the article, as well as the protection of assets, organizations and individuals from the proliferation and (or) expansion of sanctions, it was clarified in the draft bill.

  State Duma, Russia


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