Russian landing ships spotted in Spanish waters, monitored by Spanish Navy

The Russian landing ships Ivan Gren, Alexander Otrakovsky, and the oil tanker Kola have been detected in Spanish territorial waters. Over a five-day period, the Spanish patrol vessels Atalaya and Vigía tracked the movements of these vessels, according to a statement from the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

Between March 21 and 26, the Atalaya and Vigía patrol ships monitored the passage of the Russian flotilla comprising of the landing ships Ivan Gren, Alexander Otrakovsky and the oil tanker Kola.

On March 21, the patrol vessel Atalaya located the trio of Russian ships northwest of the peninsula. After identification, the Spanish ship followed them until they crossed into Portuguese territorial waters, at which point the Portuguese frigate Bartolomeu Dias took over.

From March 23 to 26, the Vigía monitored the Russian ships as they navigated through the waters of the Bay of Cadiz. In particular, the Spanish patrol vessel conducted maritime surveillance and security operations, keeping watch on the sea-lane connecting Cape St. Vincent and the Strait of Gibraltar.

  Spain, Russia