Russian Foreign Minister: Washington chose to live under conditions of Cold War

Russia has offered the United States to "reset" the diplomatic conflict that began under the Obama administration and start a return to normal relations, but instead Washington continues to "slide on an inclined plane" and impose new anti-Russian sanctions, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in an interview with RIA Novosti.

According to Lavrov, the problems in Russian-American relations complicate the lives not only of citizens, business and humanitarian projects, but "expose international security in the broadest sense of the word to serious risks."

Russia is ready to normalize relations if the U.S. stops "acting from the position of a world ruler" and realizes the "futility of attempts to revive the unipolar world", that is, such a structure, "where all will be subordinated to Western countries and the entire Western camp will recruit under its banners all other countries on different continents against China and the Russian Federation," Lavrov said.

The U.S. should "conduct a dialogue with us, as with any other country, mutually respectfully, on the basis of the balance of common interests ". These are the conditions on which "we will be ready to talk," the Russian Foreign Minister said. “Otherwise, it is not going to work. If it does not, it's their choice. We will continue to live under the Cold War conditions, or even worse. So far, there have been no positive signs” Lavrov added.

As an example, Lavrov cited the White House's statements that the policy of sanctions against Russia will continue because sanctions have the desired effect, and their goal is to reduce "tension in the relations between the United States and Russia."

According to Lavrov, the situation in Russian-American relations is even worse now than during the Cold War.

"Then, there were tension, of course, very serious. More than once, there were risky situations, crisis situations. But there was mutual respect, which is now in short supply," Lavrov said.

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