Russian forces escalate assaults near Pokrovsk in Donbas

The Russian armed forces are actively attempting to assault Ukrainian positions in the Pokrovsk direction, Donetsk region, said Serhiy Tsehotsky, an officer from the 59th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade, in live broadcast on Espresso TV.

"We assess the situation in the Pokrovsk direction as tense but controlled, despite the fact that the enemy is actively and continuously trying to assault our positions. We maintain our defensive lines effectively," Serhiy Tsehotsky said.

He added that in the past week and a half, the intensity of Russian assaults and the number of assault groups have nearly doubled. The adverse weather conditions and short nights allow the Russians to probe for weak spots in the Ukrainian defence. However, Ukrainian forces are countering these attacks. The mission of the Ukrainian Forces remains the same — to destroy and exhaust the Russian troops.

Tsehotsky also noted that while the Russians do not have operational success in this sector, they are making incremental advances. The Russian forces destroy everything in their path and continue to advance. However, there is no sense in staying as there is no means of setting up defences. Tsehotsky emphasized that this does not mean retreat, but rather a move to pre-prepared positions where Ukrainian forces can hold and eliminate the occupiers.

On 5 July, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that Russian forces continue to exert pressure in the Pokrovsk direction. Specifically, high combat intensity persisted on this section of the front.

On 4 July, Serhiy Tsehotsky reported that the Russians had escalated their assault operations in the Pokrovsk direction. According to him, the enemy had changed their tactics and is simultaneously assaulting across the entire front line.

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