Russian forces escalate air attacks amid battlefield stalemate in Kharkiv region

Russian forces are continuing to actively use aircraft to drop bombs and launch missile strikes on residential areas in the Kharkiv region. Near Borova, the Ukrainian Forces have thwarted their plans, according to a representative of the Ukrainian operational-strategic group Khortytsia.

The Russian Armed Forces have paused active combat operations in the Kharkiv region. Nazar Voloshin, the spokesperson for Khortytsia, stated that the Russians are attempting to withdraw units from several populated areas. He made this statement during a news broadcast.

Voloshin mentioned that during the past 24 hours and the morning of June 22, the occupiers did not carry out offensive operations in the Kharkiv direction.

"The enemy is attempting to withdraw its units that were located in the areas of Vovchansk, Tykhe, and Hlyboke due to partial loss of combat capability," said Voloshin.

He added that Ukrainian forces have been reliably defending this direction and successfully repelled the invaders. As a result, the Russians are withdrawing some units for re-completion due to their incapability.

The representative reported that the Russian troops continue to use aviation, deploying bombs and missiles against populated areas in the region. On June 21, the Russian Armed Forces conducted 21 airstrikes, dropping 32 bombs. The Russians have suffered casualties as well, with over 60 Russians killed or wounded. Additionally, two tanks, four vehicles, special equipment, 43 drones, and 18 shelters along with occupying forces were destroyed.

In the Borova region of the Kharkiv Oblast, the Defence Forces managed to disrupt the plans of the Russian Armed Forces. Voloshin explained that the occupiers were stalled, suffering significant losses in both equipment and personnel. He added that the Ukrainian command is fully aware of the Russian activities in this direction and are ready to offer a strong response if the Russian troops advance.

On June 21, the head of the Center for Military-Legal Studies, Oleksandr Musyenko, reported that the Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region did not go according to plan. This is evidenced by the increased activity of the invaders near Toretsk, an area initially not considered.

That same day, representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, Andriy Yusov, revealed that the Russians are forced to pull in reserves and redeploy them from other directions to the Kharkiv region. Yusov noted that the potential threat remains.

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