Russian forces capture four settlements in Kharkhiv region, Ukrainian journalist reports

Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov has claimed that Russian forces have allegedly crossed the border into the Kharkiv region and seized four border settlements: Strelechya, Krasne, Pylna, and Borivska.

According to Butusov, Ukrainian defense forces have successfully repelled attacks in other areas of the Kharkiv region, inflicting significant losses on the Russian troops. He also noted a minor advancement of Russian forces near the town of Volchansk. Strelechya is the largest of the captured settlements, Butusov pointed out.

"This area along the border, except for Strelechya, was effectively a grey zone, and it turned out that no defense line had been established there, allowing the enemy to easily create a bridgehead, stretching up to 10 kilometers wide and 5 kilometers deep into Ukrainian territory. The total area of ​​the territory captured is more than 30 square kilometers," claimed Butusov.

The journalist remarked that the actions of the Russians were not a surprise to the Ukrainian military command. However, he questioned some of the command's decisions.

"The actions of the Russians did not come as a surprise to the Ukrainian command. However, the question remains as to how the enemy infantry was able to seize such a significant territory so quickly. Obviously, our forces there are unequal, and our tactical reserves are acting from depth, because the enemy has an advantage in reconnaissance drones and strike capabilities — aviation and artillery," Butusov wrote.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on May 10 confirmed that Russians attempted to breach the border in the Kharkiv region and conducted a massive bombardment of the border town of Volchansk. The Ukrainian command did not report any settlements being captured by Russians on May 10.

Additionally, according to OSINT analysts from DeepState, Ukrainian defense forces destroyed three units of Russian military equipment. These battles took place north of the settlements of Morokhovets-Oleynikovo, with Russian forces advancing from the village of Pylna.

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