Russian Defense Ministry claims Russian troops are taking a pause in Ukraine

Russian troops are taking a pause in the fighting in Ukraine, said the Russia Ministry of Defense. 

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced  that a "pause" is taken, as part of "the measures to replenish combat capabilities" of the Russian troops. Earlier, Russian president Vladimir Putin admitted that after the fighting in the Luhansk region, the Russian soldiers were seriously exhausted.

Now, Russian soldiers have allegedly " been given the opportunity to rest, receive letters and parcels from home." When Putin said he wanted the Russian military to take a break, he spoke only about the units that took part in the fight for Lysychansk. However, according to the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense, now the Russian army is taking a pause along the entire front line.

Russian journalist Yulia Latynina noted on Twitter that the Russian military is trying to conceal the real reason for stopping the offensive, which is in reality caused by the shortage of ammunition.

“After the HIMARS smashed Snake Island, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it was leaving it as a 'goodwill gesture'. And after the HIMARS obliterated the ammunition warehouse in Popasna, Putin announced that the troops "need to rest." It's a touching concern when there is nothing left for an offensive," Latynina said on Twitter.

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