Russian defense lines collapsing near Lyman under pincer attack of Ukrainian Forces

Russian telegram channels and military propagandists are sounding an alarm because of a difficult situation for the Russian army near Lyman, Donetsk Oblast. The military telegram channel Rybar (one of the largest in Russia) reports that the units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked from Lozove, Lyman district, and  broke through the Russian defense lines. Now the Russian troops are facing a threat of encirclement.

Russian military sources claim that if Ukrainian Forces manage to reach Svatove, the entire group of the Russian troops in and near Lyman will be in the operational encirclement.

The Ukrainian Forces, having taken control of the towns Oskil and Rubtsi , are now advancing towards Makiivka in order to encircle the Russian troops in Lyman from the north and move further to Kreminna in the Luhansk People’s Republic, reports Rybar.

According to Rybar, Moscow is sending reinforcements in order to slow down the advance of the Ukraine troops and stabilize the collapsing front.

According to Ukrainian military analyst Bohdan Miroshnikov, the Ukrainian Forces are expanding their foothold north of Lyman. Lozove, Rubtsi, Krymki and Oleksandrivka have been liberated.

"Lozove (Lyman district) is under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Rubtsi, Krymki, Oleksandrivka and all other adjacent settlements too," said Miroshnikov . According to him, the Ukrainian Forces have also taken control of Korovii Yar and a sweep operation is underway there.

"Our units in this area have advanced even further, so expect news," Miroshnikov wrote.

He stressed that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have taken a good pace and are moving quite quickly from the Oskil River to Lyman. The Russians have been unable to stop the offensive and stabilize the front.

"In the near future, orcs [Russians] will be in danger in Svatove, with the front line being moved further. In such circumstances, the capture of Lyman and advance to Kreminna will mean that Severodonetsk, Lysychansk and Rubizhne will also return home. Orcs captured them three months ago with great losses," Miroshnikov said.

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