Russian authorities lost death certificate of the journalist killed in Central Africa

Russian Federation authorities have lost the death certificate of journalist Orkhan Dzhemal, who was killed while shooting a documentary on Russian mercenaries from the private military company Wagner Group in Africa, write on Facebook his colleague, journalist Maksim Shevchenko.

“The vindictiveness of stupid authorities who did not know what to do with Orkhan when he was alive knows no limits. It is impossible to believe but they told relatives that they “have lost” Orkhan Dzhemal’s death certificate that was signed by the Consul of the Russian Federation in Central African Republic. Now we cannot dig a grave and should wait until they deign to send a new one by diplomatic courier service,” he wrote.

Dzhemal Orkhan was one of a team of Russian journalists who were recently killed in the Central African Republic. The journalists were supposed to shoot a documentary for Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s Investigations Management Center about the activities of the Russian private military company Wagner Group in Africa when they were killed several days ago.


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