Russian armed opposition forces fighting on side of Ukraine claim Don Cossacks joined their ranks

Russian Cossacks join the ranks of the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC). A group of free Cossacks arrived from the Kuban and Don regions, according to a statement released by the RVC's press service on Telegram.

"In keeping with tradition, whenever Russia falls under the rule of an anti-national regime, the Cossacks are historically among the first to take up arms. That is why today, Cossacks are fighting in the Russian Volunteer Corps," the statement reads.

The Russian Cossacks have traveled from the Kuban and Don areas to cleanse their land of what they call the "Kremlin regime lackeys." They have already participated in several assaults in the Avdiivka and Svatove directions, enhancing the reputation of their free ancestors.

"The RVC Free Cossack unit calls on those who hold Cossack Freedom as more than just words and for whom Honor is worth more than life itself, to join its ranks," the press release added.

On January 23, it was reported that the fighters of the Russian Volunteer Corps blocked a freight train in Russia's Novosibirsk region from reaching its destination. According to RVC, the train was transporting valuable cargo.

On January 20, the RVC reported that its fighters engaged in combat with Russian border guards in the Bryansk region. The volunteers tracked an enemy Ural-4320 truck using a drone equipped with thermal imaging. The skirmish occurred specifically on the Gorozhanka — Ulitsa road section.

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