Russian airbase in Syria comes under drone attack

Russian airbase in Khmeimim came under attack by makeshift drones, reports Directorate 4 Telegram channel.

Several drones were reportedly shot down by the Russian military. The damage caused by the attack is not known. However, multiple makeshift drones carrying explosives can break into the perimeter of the base and drop their loads on the equipment stored outdoors.

Ahrar Al-Alawi(Alawite rebels) group took responsibility for the recent attacks on the Russian airbase. The group  vowed to carry out more such attacks.

Ahrar Al-Alawi claims that during the current attack one Russian aircraft was destroyed and a S-400 anti-aircraft system was damaged.

In an earlier mortar attack on Khmeimim airbase on December 31st, 7 Russian aircraft were reportedly destroyed. The Russian Ministry of Defense denied this information.

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense reported  the deaths of two Russian soldiers as a result of the mortar shelling on the Khmeimim air base on December 31st . 

  Khmeimim, Syria, Russia