• Stoltenberg: we will not exchange Ukraine for Syria

    The West does not plan to exchange Ukraine in its efforts to resolve the situation in Syria, as stated by the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, in an interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais.

    "We will not exchange Ukraine for Syria and vice versa. Russia is the country with which we cooperate, particularly in the effort of finding political solutions to these conflicts," he said.

    "We never intended to isolate Russia", the Secretary General of NATO said.

    As reported last week, the …

  • Russia looking to use Cyprus airfields for emergency landings

    Moscow seeks to obtain permission from Cyprus to utilize their airfields. Both Germany and France have been granted the use of Cyprus’ airfields for emergency landings. The Cyprus Mail reported on December 7th that Russia has also requested use of these airfields for Russian aircraft engaged in the fight against terrorism in Syria.

    The Russian Ambassador in Cyprus, Stanislav Osadchiy, stated that Moscow is discussing this topic with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cyprus. “I think we will …

  • US can provide Ukraine with $300 million

    Biden stressed that Ukrainian leaders implement the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and work with the international community "to continue economic progress in Ukraine.”

    The United States can give Ukraine $300 million for the security development. This was stated by US Vice-President, Joseph Biden, in Kiev.

    According to Biden, the U.S. Congress is working to pass such law. "It hasn`t been passed, but I hope that soon, it will be adopted,” he said during the joint …

  • Biden speaks to Ukrainian Parliament

    Kyiv, December 8, 2015

    In his passionate speach to Ukrainian parliament U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden urged Ukraine to seize the opportunity to become a truly democratic nation that removes the blight of corruption. He also directly accused Moscow of sending troops to fight with pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine and trying to hide that action from the Russian public and the world. Mr. Biden assured Ukraine of the U.S. continuous support as long as it stayed on the democratic path. …

  • Syrian opposition groups to meet at conference in Saudi Arabia

    Reuters reported that different groups of the Syrian opposition will meet on December 8th in Saudi Arabia in order to agree upon a common position before the upcoming international negotiations on Syria in New York. The various Islamist and Salafist organizations received invitations from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to attend the conference, which is to be held from the 8th to the 10th of December.

    However, the report didn’t specify if the Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam) will take part in the …