• Belarus is unlikely to receive gas discount from Russia

    The price of Russian gas supplied to Belarus to likely to remain at the current level of $142 per thousand cubic meters, Radio Svoboda reported.

    This was announced by Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak.

    According to him, the current contract for 2015-2016 “has not been cancelled”. Russia believes that Belarus owes $125 million to Gazprom. Minsk does not recognize the debt, saying that, according to their own calculations based on the fall of the ruble against the dollar, their price …

  • Russia and China carry out first joint exercises on missile defense

    Russian and Chinese servicemen carried out their first computer-assisted, staff-command, missile defense exercises named Aero-Space Security 2016, Korrespondent.net reported with reference to the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

    “The main purpose of staff-command exercises is the training of joint actions of operationally formed groups of Russian and Chinese air defense and missile defense against random and provocative strikes of ballistic and cruise missiles,” the statement …

  • Turchynov: Putin publicly threatened Ukraine

    Ukrainian Secretary of National Security and Defense Alexander Turchynov stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin resorted to publicly blackmailing Ukraine when he said that firing in the Donbas will not stop until the constitution of the country is changed and separatists are given amnesty, the press-service of the National Security and Defense reported on Saturday, May 28th.

    "Taking responsibility for ceasefire and Minsk Agreements violations, Putin publicly threatened Ukraine with …

  • Strelkov announced the creation of new Russian nationalist organization

    The political declaration of the All-Russian National Movement under the leadership of Igor “Strelkov” Girkin was published on Saturday. The revival of Russia as a Russian national State that serves the interests of the Russian nation is the purpose of the organization. On the 28th of May, up to 15 people attended the meeting of this organization, Radio Svoboda reported.

    The declaration also notes that the members of the organization advocate gaining control over the political system, national …

  • Russian firing range opens in Crimea

    A Naval firing range for Russian aircraft has opened in Crimea, TASS reported with reference to Russian Air Force Commander Viktor Bondarev.

    According to him, the Chauda Polygon, a former landfill, has had naval targets installed.  The shooting range is located on the southern end of the Kerch Peninsula.

    "The polygon is in excellent condition… It’s the first time that we got a real naval shooting range, which has all the telemetry. It is possible to take pictures of any result of the bombing …