Russia withdraws from WWII peace treaty talks with Japan over sanctions

The Russian Federation withdraws from negotiations with Japan aimed at signing a formal World War II peace treaty and cancels visa-free travel for Japanese citizens to the southern Kuril Islands. This measure is taken in response to sanctions imposed by Japan against the Russian Federation, said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

"It has been decided to stop visa-free travel for Japanese citizens on the basis of 1991 agreements on visa-free exchanges between the southern Kuril Islands of the Russian Federation and Japan and 1999 agreement allowing simplified visits by former Japanese residents of the southern Kuril Islands to the places of their former residence," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Russia said it is also withdrawing from the dialogue with Japan on the joint economic activities in the southern Kuril Islands. The Kremlin will also not extend Japan's status as a partner of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization.

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