Kremlin: Russia will not deploy missiles in Belarus in response to US withdrawal from Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty

Mikhail Babich, the Russian Ambassador to Belarus, and special representative for the development of trade and economic cooperation stated that Russia is not planning on deploying its missiles in Belarus in response to the US withdrawing from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty. According to him, Moscow and Minsk already have a joint plan for defense and security and the countries will adhere to them.

“As for the deployment of missiles on the territory of Belarus, this, of course, will not occur, because it is not necessary. The current status of our joint military group allows us to solve any military issues, based on those locations where our means of retaliation are located, without moving them to any other territory,” writes TASS quoting the ambassador.

The union of Russia and Belarus is already implementing joint plans for defense and security, “therefore all security commitments, including Belarus will, of course, be respected and implemented,” stressed Babich.

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