Russia to conduct joint military exercises with China and Mongolia

Russia and China, along with Mongolia, are planning to hold large-scale military exercises, including simulating a nuclear attack, reports Voice of America, citing high-ranking US officials.

To participate in the exercises “Vostok-18”, China will send to Russia more than 3,200 troops and 900 units of military equipment, as well as 30 aircraft, reported the Chinese Defense Department.

Mongolia will take part in these exercises for the first time. Mongolia has recently sought relations with the United States, even though it is geographically located between Russia and China.

A Pentagon official told The Washington Free Beacon that US Intelligence services will closely monitor the exercises due to the expected simulation of the use of nuclear weapons.

“For almost 20 years, at the exercise Vostok, Russia has been developing its new doctrine of “escalation for the sake of de-escalation” using a new low-powered nuclear weapon, which the artillery can be used primarily,” said Richard Fisher, Director of the International Assessment and Strategy Center.

Russia’s new doctrine of rapidly escalating future conflicts with the use of nuclear weapons after the beginning of military conflicts worries the Pentagon.

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