Russia Today TV channel excluded from US broadcast networks

In the US, Russian television channel Russia Today was excluded from broadcasting networks Spectrum and Comcast Chicago, according to the channel’s website.

The coverage zone of these networks includes most major cities including New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago and the state of New Jersey.

On September 1st, the cable television operator Spectrum refused to renew the broadcast agreement with RT. When RT questioned the reason for the decision, the operator responded that with the development of the internet providing television signal distribution services is not practical.

In turn, Comcast Chicago announced that it did not intend to extend the contract for broadcasting RT from the 1st of October, referring to the national defense regulations, namely the John McCain Amendment. It allows distributors to unilaterally without explaining the reason refuse to broadcast content that is financed by the Russian government.

In March, Russia Today stopped their broadcast in Washington.

In the fall of 2017, Russia Today lost its accreditation in US Congress after registering as a foreign agent.

  Russia Today, USA