Russia to withdraw troops from border posts and military bases in Armenia

Hayk Konjoryan, the leader of Armenia's ruling parliamentary faction from the "Civil Contract" party, has announced the decision to end the activities of the Russian border guards at Zvartnots International Airport in Yerevan has been made at the highest level, reports.

According to him, all Russian border and military posts established in five regions of Armenia after the year 2020 will cease operations in line with the reached agreement.

"Russian border and military posts placed during the 44-day war (the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in autumn 2020) and afterwards in the Tavush, Syunik, Vayots Dzor, Gegharkunik, and Ararat regions of Armenia will stop their activities," said the Armenian MP.

At the same time, the 102nd Russian military base in Gyumri will remain in Armenia. Considering that relations between Moscow and Yerevan have cooled significantly in recent years, this military installation—quite close to the capital—serves as a "Sword of Damocles" hanging over the head of Armenia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan have indeed agreed on the withdrawal of Russian military forces from certain areas of Armenia, said Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.

"Yes, that is indeed the case. In the fall of 2020, at the request of the Armenian side, our military personnel and border guards were deployed in various Armenian regions. Today, Pashinyan has indicated that due to changing conditions there is no longer a need for this presence. Consequently, Putin agreed, and the withdrawal of our military personnel and border guards was arranged," Peskov concluded.

However, Peskov noted, "At the request of the Armenian side, our border guards will remain on the Armenian-Turkish and Armenian-Iranian borders."

"They will continue to stay there and perform their duties," Peskov added.

In Armenian society, there have been repeated calls for Russia to withdraw all of its troops from the country.

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