Russia to establish new airbase in northern Syria

A Russian helicopter base may soon be built in the Syrian province of Raqqa. It will be jointly operated by the Russian Air Force and the Syrian Air Force. Representatives of the Syrian army and the Russian military recently visited the area south of the city of Madan (50 km southeast of the administrative center of Raqqa province) and inspected the future location of the new base, reported the Syrian news outlet Step News, citing a source in the Syrian National Defense Forces (pro-government militia).

The construction of landing and parking helicopter sites in the area is designed to ensure the smooth delivery of military and logistical equipment to areas controlled by the Syrian Army by air. In addition, the helicopter base will help provide tighter air support to government forces operating in the region.

Madan was captured by the Syrian army in September 2017 with the direct support of Russian aviation. Recently, the area south of Madan (especially Jebel Bishri and further south) has become dangerous to move due to the activation of the remnants of the ISIS militants here.

  Syria, Russia