Russia threatens the West again with tougher steps if deliveries of weapons to Ukraine continue

The head of the Russian delegation at the security talks in Vienna, Konstantin Gavrilov, said that the deliveries of new weapons by Western countries to Kyiv "may force the Russian Federation to take tougher retaliatory actions."

"The specifics of the tactical and technical characteristics of weapons and military equipment supplied by the West are such that they pose threats to our citizens. In these conditions, we will push neo-Nazis away from our borders proportionally to the range of missile systems used by Kiev," Gavrilov said in a statement.

He noted that the use the  European countries which are the training the Ukrainian soldiers and the allowing deliveries of weapons to Ukraine contribute potential expansion of the armed conflict.

"One way or another, the successful course of the "special military operation" will put everything in its place. We feel sorry for Europe if it does not come to its senses," Gavrilov added.

  War in Ukraine, Russia


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