Russia suspends all international air traffic

Russia has suspended all international passenger flights, including evacuation flights for Russian citizens, since April 4, reported the Russian news agencies TASS, Interfax, Kommersant and RBC, citing sources in the Russian aviation industry. " Rosaviation (the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency) has revoked all permits for international flights. Among others, outbound flights carrying nationals from Russia will be suspended," said, one an interlocutor of TASS.

Russian air carriers have already received the relevant order from Rosaviation, Interfax claims. Interfax also points to the cancellation of Aeroflot's flight from New York to Moscow, which was to take place on April 3.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, about 25,000 Russians who want to return home remain abroad. Kommersant, citing its sources, reports that there will be no more evacuation flights for Russian citizens.

Since March 18, amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Russian Federation has closed its borders to all foreign nationals. Only Russians can return to the country. Since March 27, Russia has suspended all regular and charter flights with foreign countries except inbound flights servicing Russian citizens. Since March 31, quotas have been introduced for the entry of Russian citizens into their country.No more than 500 people a day are allowed through Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport.

According to the website Stopcoronavirus.rf, in the last 24 hours the number of infected with COVID-19 in Russia has reached 5,389. 4 people have died from coronavirus. In turn, the Worldometer volunteer group reports that the number of detected cases of coronavirus has exceeded one 1,253, 000. Of these, more than 257,000 people have recovered and more than 68,151 have died.

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