Russia's Defense Minister threatens NATO with asymmetric response

Russia will respond asymmetrically to an increase in NATO military activity near our borders, said Russin Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu at the VIII International Security Conference which began on Wednesday, April 24, in Moscow. The Head of the Russian Ministry of Defense expressed particular concern over the constantly increasing tensions in the Baltic and Black Seas. Together with an expert, “MK” tried to understand what the Minister of Defense meant by an asymmetric response to the West.

The Alliance persistently continues to depict Russia as the main threat to the Western world. Meanwhile, Sergey Shoygu noted, NATO itself provokes Russia. For example, it demonstratively strengthens its military infrastructure near Russian borders. Or unreasonably increases activity in the Black and Baltic seas. All this, according to Sergey Shoygu, only serves to increase tensions.

“I can assure you that retaliatory measures will be made in a timely manner and they will not necessarily be symmetrical to NATO actions,” the Russian Minister of Defense said at the opening of the VIII International Security Conference in Moscow.

Sergey Shoygu did not specify what exactly the West will face if it continues its destructive military policy towards Russia. However, the “MK” expert suggested that the idea of asymmetric measures was being used to hide away from the potential adversary.

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