Russia resumes bombings in Syria after negotiations with Turkey fail

Russian aircraft  continued the bombing of the North-West regions of Syria after the talks between Russian military and Turkish Army to reach the ceasefire failed, reports Al Masdar News with reference to Syrian military sources.

At least five Russian aircraft bombed the province of Idlib, where forces that oppose the army of Bashar al-Assad are located, including the National Liberation Front, which is supported by Ankara, and a group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. 

The Syrian Army could not continue the offensive because the observation posts of the Turkish army were in their way; Turkey is considered a formal ally of Moscow. However, the attempt to negotiate with the Turkey failed, as Ankara demanded the withdrawal of the Syrian army from all positions occupied near the city of Hama, reports Al Masdar.

However, the offensive, which began in April and claimed at least 48 lives (according to Reuters), is still suspended.

The coalition led by the United States responded with strikes on tankers that were carrying oil to Syria. Two ships were destroyed on Friday.

Russian aircraft continually bomb residential areas in Idlib, which remains the last stronghold of the opposition, said the official representative of the US Department of State Morgan Ortagus.

She said that "indiscriminate attacks on civilians and public infrastructures, such as schools, markets, and hospitals, are a reckless escalation of the conflict. This is unacceptable," reports Reuters. A week earlier, the State Department announced that it has information about a possible chemical attack with chlorine in Idlib on May 19.

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