Russia reinforces troops for renewed offensive in Kharkiv region

The Russian armed forces have strengthened their assault force for an advance on Borova in [the Kharkiv region. Russia has amassed up to ten thousand troops and around 450 military vehicles, including 200 artillery systems, analysts from DeepState reported on their Telegram channel.

"From Raigorodok to Novovodyane, the Russians have amassed up to 10,000 troops and approximately 450 military vehicles, including 200 artillery systems. The objective is clear — an attempt to replicate last year’s advance on Borova," the statement read.

Analysts noted that the extended defensive line in this sector is held by the Ukrainian 3rd Separate Battalion. Despite this, the forces are disproportionately matched, with the enemy having a numerical advantage, deploying additional units, and conducting intensive assaults along the entire front.

Russian units from the 20th Army, specifically the 3rd and 144th Divisions, are involved. These divisions include the 236th Artillery Brigade and 11 regiments — seven motorized rifle regiments, two tank regiments, and two artillery regiments. Additionally, non-regular mercenary units such as "Storm V", "Black Mamba", "Fixiks", and PMC "Patriot" have been deployed to support, with the "BARS-14" unit arriving to maintain order.

For the past three weeks, Russians have been conducting preparatory operations, probing Ukrainian defenses, and relentlessly assaulting the 3rd Separate Battalion’s positions, DeepState reported.

"The enemy is suffering personnel losses but continues to receive 200 to 400 freshly mobilized reinforcements weekly. This is sufficient both to replenish and to build up their grouping. The 'meat assault' tactics have yet to yield significant results only because there is a strong brigade in the sector," noted the analysts, emphasizing the imbalance of forces.

According to the analysts, the Russians plan to replicate last year’s strategy, pushing towards the Nadezhda-Novoegorivka line and then aiming for Pershotravneve-Cherneshchyna. DeepState highlighted the importance of avoiding past mistakes, noting the enemy’s improved command and control capabilities. Additionally, there is concern about the high number of mercenaries being used for both offensive and defensive operations.

On June 18, a Ukrainian military officer with the callsign "Alex" reported that Ukrainian forces had advanced in the village of Hlyboke in the Kharkiv district. He mentioned ongoing battles on the main street.

On June 17, media reports indicated that a part of the Russian troops had been encircled at the Aggregat plant in Vovchansk. Due to the dire situation, many Russians have begun surrendering.

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