Russia puts its Pacific Fleet on high alert for snap drills

The entire Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation has been put on high alert today, said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu at a meeting with the Russian military command.

According to him, the fleet has been brought to the highest degree of combat readiness for a snap readiness check, the main purpose of which will be "to increase the ability to repel the aggression of a potential enemy."

"During the exercise, the Pacific Fleet will have to counter massive missile and air strikes, conduct exercises to search for and destroy enemy submarines, perform torpedo, artillery firing, and missile launches while destroying naval strike groups and ground targets of a hypothetical enemy," Shoygu said.

The servicemen taking part in the maneuvers will practice countering the enemy's landing on the South Kuril Islands and Sakhalin. The Air Force, ground units and support units are involved in the drills.

The last time a snap inspection was carried out in the Pacific Fleet was in November 2022. Then the navy crews worked out survivability techniques.

At the end of March, the Russian Ministry of Defense conducted command and staff exercises of the Strategic Missile Forces using Yars missile systems. The maneuvers with the Yars missile systems were the second since the beginning of the year.

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