Russia intends to lease new airfield in Syria to counter potential US missile attacks

Russia is negotiating with Damascus a lease of a military airfield in the city of Qamishli. It is assumed that Russia will deploy there its Middle Eastern missile control center to counter potential US attacks.

Washington can deploy missiles on the territory of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and other countries in the region. The presence of air defense and missile-defense systems in Qamishli will allow Russia to intercept the US missiles long before they reach Russia's territory, reports Avia.Pro news outlet.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was the first to publish the information about the lease negotiations between Russian and Syria. Moscow didn't give any comment yet.

Currently, the Russian military contingent in Syria is deployed at Khmeimim Air Base. Recently, the number of drone attacks on the airbase has increased significantly. In early 2019, about 60 drones were destroyed during an attempt to approach Russian military facilities in Syria.

  Khmeimim, Syria, Russia