Russia increases investment in US Treasury securities to $145 billion

In February, Russia increased its investment in US government securities to $ 14.5 billion according to data from the US Department of the Treasury. Of the invested amount, $ 6.9 billion went to long-term bonds and $7.5 billion to short-term bonds. In January, Russia's investment in US government securities amounted to $13.1 billion.

In 2018, the Central Bank of Russia increased its gold reserves by a record 274.3 tons, becoming the largest buyer of the metal. These purchases were carried out as part of a campaign to de-dollarize the economy as the government announced last year. In April - May 2018, Russia disposed of half of its US Treasury securities portfolio totaling $ 47.5 billion.

At the close of June 2018, it was revealed that Russia’s dollar share in foreign exchange reserves fell to a historic low of 21.9% compared to 43.7% in March. Earlier this year, the Bank of Russia exchanged $100 billion into yuan, yen and euros.

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