Russia increases its investments in U.S. government bonds

Moscow has again increased its investments in the United States government bonds after the several months’ break, according to the U.S. Treasury data, published on Friday, November 16.

"In September, Russia's investments in the U.S. national debt amounted to $ 14.419 billion, in August - $ 14.097 billion," said the report.

At the same time, Russia is more intensively investing in U.S short-term government bonds and less - in Treasury securities with a maturity of more than one year. Short-term investments in August amounted to 10.7 billion dollars, in September - 11.5 billion.

Back in April, Russia already occupied the 22nd place in the list of the largest U.S. government bonds holders. This month its investments in the U.S. Treasury securities were estimated at 48.7 billion dollars. In March, this figure was almost twice as high - 96.1 billion dollars, and Russia was in the 16th position on the list.

In May, Moscow reduced its investments in the U.S. government bonds three times and dropped out of the list of 33 largest holders of U.S. Treasury securities. By selling part of the U.S. government bonds, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is pursuing a "policy of diversifying reserves while taking into account economic and geopolitical risks," said Elvira Nabiullina, the head of the Bank of Russia, in June.

Meanwhile, from December 2016, that is, almost from the moment Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, until July 2017, Russian investments in the U.S. government bonds continuously grew.

In the first place in the list of the largest holders of the U.S. government bonds is China ($ 1.2 trillion), followed by Japan and Brazil.

Earlier reports stated that the U.S. and the UK investors became buyers of Ukrainian Eurobonds.

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