Russia calls new US defense strategy 'confrontational'

Sergey Lavrov, the Head of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Russian Federation, described the new U.S. National Defense Strategy as "confrontational," at a press conference in New York, Interfax reports.

"It is regrettable that instead of engaging in a normal dialogue, instead of using the basis of international law, the United States is indeed striving to prove their leadership through such confrontational concepts and strategies," Lavrov said.

It was reported earlier that the Russian Federation and China were identified as the main opponents of the United States in the new U.S. National Defense Strategy, which was presented by the Pentagon on Friday. 

It is reported that the strategy is aimed at preventing the aggression by China and Russia to harm the interests of the United States.

"Although Russia and China are the main U.S. opponents in this strategy, the Department of Defense should pay attention to North Korea, Iran and the threat of terrorism as well," the Pentagon website reports.

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