Russia deploys Samarkand electronic warfare systems near NATO's eastern borders

The Russian Defense Ministry deployed the latest Samarkand electronic warfare systems (EW) in strategic areas, Interfax reported with reference to the data from the government procurement portal. The systems are deployed in seven regions, including the Kaliningrad and Krasnodar oblasts and Primorsky Krai, as well as in the territory of neighboring Belarus.

“According to the tender documents, at least 13 EW Samarkand-U, Samarkand SU-Pred-K2, and Samarkand PU-Pred-D" systems have been deployed in Russia. They are located in the Arkhangelsk, Kaliningrad, Moscow, Murmansk and Nizhny Novgorod oblasts, Krasnodar and Primorsky Kray regions, the Jewish Autonomous Region, and Belarus,” the statement said.

The Svet and Samarkand systems entered operational service of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy in 2017. They are stationed at the facilities of the Russian Navy. Russian military do not disclose the purpose and characteristics of the systems.

On October 25, the most large-scale NATO military exercises since the Cold War, Trident Juncture 2018, started in Norway. The exercises involve about 50,000 military from 31 countries of the Alliance and partner countries, about 250 aircraft, 65 ships, and up to 10 thousand vehicles.

“The Trident Juncture exercises are a clear message to our nations and any potential opponent. NATO does not seek confrontation but we are ready to protect all of our allies from any threat,” said Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO.

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