Russia expels a Montenegrin diplomat

According to a report by the Russian Foreign Ministry, Russia has decided to expel a Montenegrin diplomat in response to a similar step by Podgorica.

On Monday, the Ambassador of Montenegro to the Russian Federation was summoned to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“He received a note of protest,” the statement of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “and it was announced that in response to the unjustified demands of Montenegro to expel the Russian diplomat on the basis of groundless accusations by the UK against Russia regarding the so-called Skripal case, Russia declares an employee of the Montenegrin embassy a persona non-grata.”

On March 28, Montenegro declared one Russian diplomat a persona non-grata and withdrew consent to appoint an honorary consul of the Russian Federation in the country.

29 countries expelled Russian diplomats in connection with the poisoning in Salisbury, UK of the former Russian intelligence agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

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