Russia considers 'Loyalty Agreement' for incoming foreign citizens

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has proposed introducing the concept of a "loyalty agreement" for foreign citizens entering the country. According to TASS, the Ministry has announced that this bill is currently being prepared. However, no specific timeframe for submitting the document to the Russian parliament, the State Duma, has been specified.
The "loyalty agreement" refers to the permission granted by Russian authorities for foreign citizens to enter Russia, on one hand, and the expressed consent of a foreign national to comply with requirements aimed at protecting Russia's national interests, on the other, TASS quotes the Russian Internal Ministry.

According to the proposed legislation, as reported by TASS, foreign citizens will be prohibited from the following activities during their stay  in Russia:
- impeding the activities of Russian public authorities;

- discrediting the state policy of Russia, its public authorities, and their officials;
- denying the concept of marriage as a union between a man and a woman;
- promoting "non-traditional sexual relationships";
- disseminating information aimed at distorting the historical truth about the Soviet people's heroism in defending the Motherland and their contribution to the victory over fascism;
- showing negligence towards the environment, natural resources, and material and cultural values of Russia;
- demonstrating disrespect for the diversity of regional and ethnocultural ways of life of the Russian population and "traditional Russian spiritual and moral values".

The Russian newspaper Kommersant reminds that the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs first proposed the idea of requiring that foreigner nationals sign such agreements in 2021, but at that time, no corresponding draft law was developed.