Russia calls Kremlin List an effective breach in Russia-US relations

First deputy chairman of the Federation Council’s International Affairs Committee Vladimir Dzhabarov believes that the inclusion of virtually all the Russian leaders in the US Finance Ministry’s “Kremlin Report” constitutes a breach in Russia-US relations, RIA Novosti reports.

“Formally our countries have relations, but the inclusion in the sanction list of virtually all our country’s leadership means that these relations are effectively being severed,” Dzhabarov commented. He himself was included in the US sanction list as early as 2014.

“I consider this sanction list foolishness, which I will not pay attention to. I think that the people affected by the new sanctions will also not pay attention to them,” he added.

Dzhabarov also said that he has “not felt the effect of the sanctions on his life, neither in the professional nor in the personal sphere”.

“On the contrary, I am proud that I was one of the first to end up on the sanction list. It means I have made some contribution, even if it is a small one, to our common cause,” Dzhabarov remarked.

The US Ministry of Finance published the “Kremlin List”, which was envisaged by the new law on sanctions against Russian oligarchs and people in Putin’s close circle. At present, Washington has not added new restrictions, and those who feature on these lists will not necessarily have sanctions placed on them. Nevertheless, several Russian oligarchs have used lobbyists in Washington in an attempt to ensure that they do not end up on the list.

As of January 29, the US will begin to introduce sanctions against physical entities and companies from any country at all who have “significant” contracts with companies in Russia’s defense sector.

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