Russia begins withdrawal of troops from T4 airbase in Syria

Russia has begun withdrawal of its military from the T4 airbase, which is located in Tiyas, Homs Province, reported Telegram-channel "The Military Observer" with reference to local media.

T4 is the largest airbase in Syria. In addition to the Russian military, the airbase is home to Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps units and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters. There is no information whether Iranian and Hezbollah forces are also leaving the airbase. The T4 airbase has been regularly subjected to strikes by the Israeli Air Force.

The exact number of Russian military personnel stationed in the Tiyas airbase is unknown. In 2015, the Pentagon reported that Russia transferred five Mi-24 helicopters to the airbase.

The Russians use T4 as an auxiliary airfield for short-term landings during airstrikes in Syria.

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