Russia accuses US embassy employee of an attempt to smuggle a land mine through Sheremetyevo airport

Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport officials discovered a land mine with a fuse, but without an explosive when inspecting the luggage of the United States embassy employee. According to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs report, an object resembling a land mine was discovered on Saturday morning, March 9, during the screening of luggage belonging to the U.S. embassy employee when he entered the airport’s D terminal.

Airport security specialists confirmed that it was indeed a land mine with a fuse, but without an explosive, although traces of it were present inside of it.

According to the U.S. diplomatic mission employee who was returning home from a business trip, he acquired the land mine without an explosive "for his personal collection."

Representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry called the incident “an attempted provocation”. "The United States seems to be trying to also test Russia's security systems from inside, in addition to its regular provocative military raids of warships and airplanes near our borders. And with the involvement of its embassy staff," RIA Novosti quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry.

"Taking into account the highest attention the United States pays to ensure security on air transport after the terrorist attacks of 2001, he simply could not have failed to understand that carrying the land mine in luggage is very serious. It means that he consciously took this step," said the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson. Russian Foreign Ministry also noted that the U.S. diplomat involved in this incident "is directly related to the United States military."

Russian officials stated that the U.S. Embassy has been notified about the incident. After airport employees removed the mine, the diplomat was able to fly without on a later flight to New York without any obstacles.

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