Russia accuses the US of disrupting the nuclear deal with Iran

In a statement published on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s website, the Kremlin said that the new anti-Iranian sanctions imposed by Washington are aimed at disrupting the nuclear treaty with Tehran.

According to the Ministry, Russia is frustrated with the stance taken by the US aimed at disrupting the general tools aimed at controlling and stopping the spread of nuclear weapons. "The US once again deals a mighty blow to the Deal on nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, which they hypocritically say is necessary, almost totally trampling it" the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry reads.

The Kremlin that Russia rejects unilateral sanctions the US imposed on Iran, subverting the decision made by the UN Security Council. The Russian Foreign Ministry also promised to preserve the economic and financial cooperation with Tehran despite American sanctions.

The US left the nuclear deal with Iran in May, at that time the American president Donald Trump announced that sanctions against Iran would resume from November 5th. Two days before the resumption of the restrictions, the US president stated that Iran "must make a clear choice, either to stop their behavior rooted in evil intentions, or continue down the path to an economic crisis." in response, the Iranian leader Ali Khamenei that in the 40 years of battling with Iran, the US has failed.

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