Romania denies license to Russian channel due to propaganda threat

Romania has refused to renew the license for the Russian television channel RTR "because of the threat of propaganda", reported the local publication RFI.

The Romanian National Council on Television and Radio made the decision regarding the license. All nine Council members present at the meeting on Tuesday voted in favor of the decision.

"There is a danger that this TV station will provide false information about the European Union and the United States. We are talking about pro-Russian propaganda material, so-called false news," one member of the Council, Valentin Zhukan, explained.

A spokesman for the television company told RFI that RTR would continue to seek a license for broadcasting in Romania.

Previously, the US Department of Justice demanded that the company that serves the RT America television channel register as a foreign agent. In turn, RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan said that the television channel could withdraw from the US market under "pressure" from the US authorities.

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